Research Shows Curry Kills Cancer Cells

The BBC has released an article claiming that an extract in the bright yellow curry spice turmeric can kill cancer cells. The yellow pigment of turmeric, which is called curcumin is thought to be the primary pharmacological agent in turmeric. Curcumin helps the body destroy mutated cancer cells, so they can’t spread through the body. Studies have linked […]

Side Effects From My Chemo Treatment of Taxotere and Cytoxan – My Personal Journal

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, 2009. I have been tracking my side effects from chemo and posting them to help others that are in the same position as me. The unknown is very scary and so is cancer and chemo. Hopefully reading about my experience will make it less scary. Treatment #1 Day […]

Side Effects from my Second Cycle of Taxotere and Cytoxan

I have finished my 2nd cycle of chemotherapy for breast cancer. The chemo drugs I was given were Taxotere and Cytoxan. You can see my side effects from the first cycle here. This time I started a day early because my blood tests came back so well (and my doctor had they do off when I was originally suppose to give blood).

Day One: Taxotere and Cytoxan Chemo Treatment – My Personal Journal

Today was my first day of chemo treatment for Breast Cancer. I have decided to create a daily journal of my side effects in order to help other people who will be going through this or are deciding whether or not they should do chemo. Because my Onco Type DX score was 20, I did not have to do the chemo. You can see my explanation here as to why I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

Oncotype DX Test Results – Score of 20 & My decision on whether to do chemo

Today I received the results from my Oncotype DX test. Before I get into my results I will try to explain exactly what this test is. The Oncotype DX test is done on the cancerous tumor that is removed during surgery. It tests 21 different genes and the resutls gives a recurrence score. The higher the score, the more likely the cancer is to return within 10 years of the first diagnosis. A score of 10 or less means that you definately do not need chemo. A score of 25 or above means that you definately do need chemo.