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Side Effects From My Third Cycle of Treatment of Taxotere and Cytoxan – My Personal Journal

I started my first of four cycles of chemotherapy using the drugs Taxotere and Cytoxan on March 20, 2009. I have been keeping track of the side effects on a daily basis and posting it at the end of each cycle on hopes that it will help others. Please keep in mind that your side effects may not be the same as mine. The days posted below are from my third cycle. You can also view the results from my first cycle and my second cycle.

Day 43:                Feel good after chemo, make spaghetti & meatballs for dinner.                            

Day 44:                Feel good, full of energy.

Day 45:                Woke up feeling good. Very tired by 6PM. Feel a little nauseous after eating but I haven’t gotten sick.�
                               Soda tastes funny. Took my first nausea pill since starting chemo.

Day 46:               Woke up feeling good. Chest is red, scalp & arms are itchy. Tired later in day.

Day 47:              Felt tired one hour after getting to work. Should have slept in. Heartburn at noon, felt better after eating. Drinking�
                              lemonade is better tasting than soda. Arms are still itchy – Don’t scratch! Makes it worse.  

Day 48:                Itchy skin & scalp. Hair hurts, like rubbing the wrong way. Feel full & bloated.

Day 49:               Feel more like myself today. Could not sleep. Tossed and turned most the night.

Day 50:              Feel good

Day 51:               Feel good

Day 52:               Feel good, runny nose at times during the day

Day 53:               Feel good

Day 54:               Feel good

Day 55:               Feel good
Day 56:               Feel good

Day 57:               Feel good

Day 58:               Feel good,�
Day 59:               Feel good, hands are very dry.

Day 60:               Feel good, hands are still very dry & cracking. Must put lotion on frequently.

Day 61:               Feel good, hands are still dry but seem to be improving.
Day 62:               Feel good, off & on runny nose through-out the day, hads are better.

Day 63:               Feel Good, insomnia (I think from the steriods)

Today I had my fourth and final chemo treatment and I am so excited to be done with it. I will continue to keep track of the next 21 days and post them for you. I really feel so lucky to have such minimal side effects. I hope that everyone reading this who is going to have chemo has it so well. If you would like to talk to others or share your story, I have created a forum for discussion.

Take care & good luck! Remember to keep a positive attitude because it really makes a difference!

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The You Deserve It Forum is up and running

I have created a forum for discussion of Breast Cancer. Anyone having any questions about treatment or who just want to talk about what they are going through can join this forum.

Together, we can beat Breast Cancer!

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Items you should buy before starting chemo – Taxotere and Cytoxan for Breast Cancer

Before you start chemo treatment for breast cancer I would recommend purchasing the following items:

1. Water - Be sure to drink a lot of water the day before, of and after your treatment. For my first 2 treatments I made a point to drink a gallon a day and my side effects were minimal. I slacked on the third treatment and it seems to me like my body noticed the difference. I will be sure to do it again for my last treatment.

2. Lotion - My hands were very dry after I started doing chemo. They got so bad that I actually went out and purchased vaseline and used it on my hands. The dryness only lasted a few days and then my skin started itching.

3. Dr. Katz Therabreath Oral Rinse - Chemo kills the fast growing cells in your body, which includes the cells in your mouth. This can cause infection or sores in your mouth. If you rinse your mouth out a couple of times a day with this rinse it will help prevent you from any mouth sores. I started using it after getting a sore on my tongue that was very painful. After using it for a couple of days the sore went away and I have not had any trouble since. If you can not find this exact mouth rinse I am sure you can use any rinse that is alcohol free.

4. Anti-Nausea Medication - My doctor gave me a prescription for 100 pills and I after 45 days of treatment I have only needed to use one. I never actually got sick to my stomach. I am only recommending anti-nausea medication because I have heard that some people do get sick and I know I felt better just knowing I had something to help should I need it. I still carry it in my purse and will continue to do so until I am done with treatment.

5. Constipation Medication – You will probably get constipated during the first week of treatment. Be sure to have something around just in case you do.

6.Prilosec - Or any other heartburn medication. After my second treatment I had such terrible acid-reflux that I couldn’t sleep laying down. I would wake up with a sore throat because of all the acid in my stomach. I started taking Prilosec the day before my treatment and have not had a problem since.

7. Hair Catcher for the Shower - These can be found for just over a dollar at Walmart. Having one of these over your bathtub drain will save you from having to call a plumber.

8. Wig - If you are planning to wear a wig after your hair falls out then you will need to get one within the first two weeks of treatment. Don’t believe your friends who will tell you that you might get lucky and your hair might not fall out….or that they have a friend of a friend who’s hair only got thin. I repeat, don’t believe them! Your hair will fall out! It will get so thin that you will have a large bald spot on your head. You can see how my head looked before and after I shaved it. If I were to do this over I would shave my head on the 14th day even though that is when it just started falling out. It is unbelievable how much hair I found in my clothes and sheets and on the carpet.

9. Head Beanie - I was amazed at what a bald head feels like. It feels like what your head feels like when you just get out of the shower, cold and wet. Not very comfortable when you are trying to sleep at night. I had a beanie and it helped me tremendously.

10. Hats or Head Covers – I personally did not want to wear a wig all the time and I fell in love with wearing hats and head covers.

11. Lemonade - Some drinks start tasting funny after chemo but I have noticed that lemonade tastes good.

 12. Neosporin - This will come in handy when your nose gets so dry it hurts. The inside of my nose got so dry that it cracked and the neosporin helped heal it quickly.

13. Tissues - Taxotere messes with your sinuses so be sure to keep some tissues in your purse or pocket at all times. My nose would start running without any warning.


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